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The Graphic symbolises the coming together of the two 'A's of Astronomy & Astrology in a Six Pointed Star formation

The Six Pointed Star is normally constructed of two triangles representing the 'Sacred Masculine' & 'Sacred Feminine'

The Sacred Masculine

is represented by the Upward pointing triangle and is typically associated with the Left Hand Side of our Brains

The Sacred Feminine

is represented by the Downward pointing triangle and is typically associated with the Right Hand Side of our Brains


In the case of our graphic here then by association:


The Upward pointing A represents the A of Astronomy, a reasonably modern Science of Physics (Left Hand Brain/Masculine)

The Downward pointing A represents the A of Astrology, an ancient Science more associated with Meta Physics (Right Hand Brain/Feminine)


  Astronomy grew out of Astrology, the more ancient art, but still uses many of the terms it inherited from its ancient sibling

It's rare these days that we find astronomers who respect astrology, but in my view we can never get the full picture about anything unless we study BOTH sides of the equation and use BOTH sides of our brains, and that's what I plan to share on this site.

Let's start with a bit of Astrology (using Western/Tropical astrology)


The 'SHAPE' of Your Chart

© Litmus A Freeman - 1 Pisces 13519 UCC (18th February 2019)


In astrology we usually start by producing a Birth Chart, also known as a 'Natal' Chart such as the one below:

Natal Chart

These charts can be produced freely on line at many websites.

(The two I use most are Astrodienst and Cafe Astrology).

They are produced by entering the Time, Date and Place of birth into the websites' calculators

You are at the centre of the chart surrounded by a snapshot of the earth and its position relative to the rest of the solar system when you were born


I came up with a handy way to remember the main components of a birth chart using the acronym 'S.H.A.P.E.' - the SHAPE of your chart! These are:

S - Signs

H - Houses

A - Aspects

P - Planets

E - Energies



The Signs are the 12 Signs of the Tropical Zodiac commencing with Aries and ending with Pisces. These are in fact the 12 months of the year as the tropical zodiac is a Seasonal Solar Calendar which shows the annual journey of the Sun.

The 12 Signs/Months are shown by their astrological symbols, anti-clockwise in the outer circle of the Birth Chart, and each has a unique combination of 3 types of Energies



There are also 12 'Houses' which represent the main areas of our lives based on the 'Cycle of Growth' and correspond with the 12 Signs/Months

These are shown in the next circle in towards the centre of the chart, numbered 1-12 (in some charts shown by Roman Numerals) also in an anti-clockwise direction



The Aspects are angles that the planets make to each other relative to our time and place of birth on the earth, affecting us in either positive or challenging ways. These are shown by the lines crossing the innermost circle of the chart



The Planets include the Sun and the Moon and are shown by their symbols in the circle of Houses. They each have a type of Energy associated with the 12 Signs and Houses 



The Energies in the chart at birth depend on the combinations of the positions of the Signs, Houses and Planets

The Signs have 3 types of energy for which I created another acronym, 'P.E.N':

P - Polarities: Positive and Negative (2)

E - Elements: Fire, Earth, Air & Water (4)

N - Natures: Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable (3)


Lots more to come!

But in the meantime please check out an example of 'Astronomology' featured at the Wiki Page of the Universal Celestial Calendar:

Zodiac Signs Versus Zodiac Constellations


© Litmus A Freeman 13512 UCC (2012 Gregorian) Onwards